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Contact before returning items with errors.

Money return:
A handling fee of 4 pounds, if you return items, wish for your money back and have used the exchange label that came with your package.

Help yourself and us to a quick expedition, by filling out this form as detailed as possible. Attach it inside your return parcel. Please send items return as you have received them. Do not remove tags etc. If you are returning a parcel that was given as a present, please write address information etc. of the receiver of the present.
14 days return from first day of receiving.

Please send your return parcel to this following address:

Fåborgvej 7

9220 Aalborg Ø
Zip code/city:
Order Number:


  1. The size is too big
  2. The size is too small
  3. It does not live up to my expectations
  4. Wrong fit.
  5. Material- or processing errors- Please describe the error.
  6. Shrinkage or other faults after wash- Please describe how it was washed and the error.
  7. To late a delivery.
  8. Wrong item inside clear bag
  9. Wrong item delivered
  10. Other reason- please describe in the field; Comments.
Items number Reason Change to Size Money return Comments

PBS/NETS Pay manager is used when transferring money return. This is the safest method in e-commerce. Please be aware that it might take a few days before the money is visible on your account. The reason being is that, PBS/NETS transfer money manually, with some types of cards.